Sunday, June 30, 2013


If you follow me, thank you!  You are a dear.  Please continue to do so here:

I'm trying out a tumblelog for the summer.  I don't know what I'm doing over there yet, but the main thing is that the platform seems fun and new and exciting.  Technical difficulties have been sucking the life out of me lately.  I blamed my several years old laptop, but now that I have an early birthday present brand new computer (yay!) Blogger is still getting me down.  I may eventually migrate the blog to Wordpress. 

I'd rather spend my time and creative energy making things and taking some guitar lessons than figuring out how to build a better blog right now.  You know how you reach the point-- in sewing, in blogging, in classical guitar, in whatever other hobby you might practice-- when the enthusiasm you had as beginner is replaced by a more informed awareness of how much you have to learn?  Yeah, there's only so much I can focus on.  Plus I want to keep up with what the rest of you are doing!

Hope you'll follow me on tumblr and wherever I go next. . .

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  1. I was able to add your Tumblr feed to my feedly.